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Our Troop historian and others help chronicle weekend outings and high adventure trips though entries in our blogs. Troop Chronicles is our main blog. Other blogs, the Kanderblog for example, has highlights of longer trips.

Fall Camporee 2018 (by Sean Dresdner)

posted Oct 16, 2018, 4:58 PM by Webmaster Troop1018   [ updated Oct 16, 2018, 5:20 PM ]

Although the camp out was very muddy, we were lucky that after two weeks of continuous rain, it finally stopped on the day of our camp out. All the events went as planned. We woke up early on Saturday to take place in the flag ceremony and the Amazing Race.

The race was very exciting. The patrols worked together to earn a big trophy in their honor. Many different stations representing countries had different activities for us in which to participate. Each country had a different game to play and we tried to get "miles" (which were like points) for our score.

The air show was exciting. The pilots displayed great acrobatic skills.

If you missed the air show and would like to see it, you can get their schedule here.

Another great thing was that most of us earned a merit badge. There were many different merit badges to earn. The merit badges went on for quite awhile, but it was worth it in the end.

Later in the evening, the cub scouts came by our camp site to check out the troops. The dutch oven dishes were amazing. Liam, Nick and Mr. Dresdner their own dutch oven desserts for the troop. We also gave some to the cub scouts to try to convince them.  
We finished the day with a campfire for all the troops there. They announced the winner of the amazing race which, sadly was not us and we enjoyed the skits and songs by other troops. Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to finish up. We did a police line and Thorns and Roses and quickly, we were out.

Summer Camp Resica Falls (by Jack Edgemond)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 11:46 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

We have made it to hump day and we haven't lost a kid yet, although ushering the first years has been quite an experience for some of our new scout parents.  The Dan Beard scouts are doing great.

Yesterday we had 5 of the 18 contestants in the Big Kahuna challenge where they had to race up to the lake, kayak, run to the archery range and shoot arrows.  While the announcement of the official winner is set for Friday, I have on good authority that I am the undisputed BIG KAHUNA.

Our scouts noticed a fellow scout from a neighboring camp site sitting alone and crying.  They went to console him and found out he was homesick.  So they talked to him and cheered him up.  We were all very proud of our scouts.

On Tuesday, Sean led the charge to get Troop 1018 points in the boardwalk games with Willem spearheading the pool games.

Polar Bear Smackdown is one of the biggest highlights and ongoing battles with no clear victor as of yet.  If you don't know what this is, you never will.  It is way too much fun and too difficult to put into words.

Along with, Mr. Dresdner, we cooked an awesome pineapple upside down cake and entered it into the Dutch Oven cooking competition.  Results to be announced Friday, but the dessert was excellent.

Any down time has been spent in the trading post getting sugared up on slush puppies.  They just got a Dip'n Dots vending machine, so the slush puppies will have some competition.

Mrs. Zeina is the hero among the adults.  She brought the most awesome propane coffee pot we've ever seen. Along those lines, several adults earned the Coffee Merit Badge.

Funniest line heard at camp was from Willem:  "Sean (SPL) said I have latrine duty for waking him up."  (It was the middle of the day).

Summer Camp T. Brady Saunders - Tuesday, June 28, 2016 (by Cameron Dresdner)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 11:42 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

We are all settled in, and the scouts are all heavily into their programs.  We are in the DesChamps Camp Site 12.  It is a really nice camp site, nicely shaded and secluded and pretty close to the showers and parade field.

The Trailblazers are doing really well.  As part of their program, they will also be earning the First Aid (Eagle Scout required) Merit Badge.

Last night, we avoided a pretty big storm.  It went right around us.  We heard lots of thunder.  Today, we had a lot of rain, but it looks like it is over.

The food is actually pretty good.  Much better than Goshen.

Rafting Trip and The Summer Extravaganza! (by Ben Hunt)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 11:37 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

Hey Everyone,

I know it has been a few weeks since the rafting trip but I wanted to tell you guys what a blast my patrol and I had! On Friday, June 3rd, a small group of scouts and adults traveled to the Lower Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania to brave the class three and four rapids. From the long ride up to being swept into the strong current the fun seemed to never stop! I cant speak for others, but the highlight of the trip for me was when one of the final rapids flipped our raft up onto its side. As I climbed to the top of the raft to prevent it from flipping, I watched my whole group topple over each other into the water! I encourage all scouts to come to any future trips we have on the water. They are a blast and you will not be disappointed!

This past Monday I had a wonderful time at the Summer Extravaganza and I hope you did too! All scouts enjoyed a nice Chipotle meal (Thanks to Beau Lawalt) and a huge game of Capture the Flag. Sadly, we were not able to play a movie during dinner, but that didn't stop us from having a great time!

I hope you all have a great time at Summer Camp next week and a nice long break from school! 
See you in September,
Benjamin Hunt
Troop Historian

Prince William Forest Orienteering Camp out - March 2016 (by Cameron Dresdner)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 11:20 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

Yes, it rained, and it was cold, but the fire kept us warm, and the orienteering went on.  We welcomed four new scouts (Rahul, Renard, Sean and Nathaniel) on their first Troop 1018 camp out at Prince William Forest.


They earned their Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chit patches, and some of the older scouts worked with them on various knots including the taut line hitch which was used to set up a tarp that protected us from the rain.  The scouts did very well on their first orienteering course.  Prince William Forest has a wide variety of orienteering courses, and the older scouts also did very well proving their skills and experience.

Everyone had a great time at the Saturday night camp fire.  We told stories and jokes, played Holiday and Just a Minute, and many scouts participated in entertaining skits.


Although souls were sacrificed at the campfire, everyone managed to have a great time and the campout was a success.

Let’s See Whose Dish is on the Chopping Block - November 2015 (by Cameron Dresdner)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 11:05 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

Troop 1018 enjoyed another successful camp out at Dennis Farm with their second Chopped competition.  And how could they not with Stephen “Ted Allen” Pungello at the controls?  This year Steven outdid himself with his basket ingredients and pantry preparation and overall execution of the event.
  Breakfast basket ingredients included hard-boiled eggs, bagels and instant mashed potatoes and a bonus ingredient, maple syrup.  We saw deviled eggs, ham and egg bagel sandwiches and more.

The Pack 157 Senior Webelos delivered an amazing performance preparing macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.  Pitted against Daniel Mazur and Max Ryan, they won a stand in version of the coveted Golden Spatula.  The cub scouts had a great time!
  The whipped cream round was a great idea by Stephen with the Platypi winning after having the good fortune to select a shaker cup.

The dinner round went with a Scouting for Food theme and consisted of all canned foods in the basket.  And speaking of Scouting for Food, the troop managed to slip out and do the food pickup.
  The Lumberjacks took an early lead in the breakfast round and never relinquished it.  It was a close competition between them and the Platypi, but the Lumberjacks emerged victorious.  Congratulations to them.  Looks like we have a rivalry going on between these two patrols.

Our Chopped judges, Mr. Hollender, Mr. Donnel, Mr. Pungello and Mr. White are brave men indeed!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Cleaning In Powhatan Press (by Rose Trapp)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 11:03 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

The following is an excerpt from the September 2015 Issue of the Powhatan Press, BSA newsletter for our districts, that included a story about Troop 1018's service project to cleanup the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

On Sunday, August 23, 2015 the Boy Scouts of America partnered with the National Park Services to keep the National Monuments beautiful for visitors. Troop 1018 from Dranesville, VA, along with Venture Crew 1018 and the Powhatan Chapter of the Order of the Arrow spent an early morning at the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial with scrub brushes and hoses, cleaning one of the most poignant War Memorials ever designed.

Our proximity to our Nation’s Capital enable our Scouts to perform a much appreciated service for our Nation. After cleaning the Memorial the Scouts had the opportunity to learn about the design and meaning of the Memorial
from a National Mall and Memorial Parks Ranger. Citizenship is one of the core values for the Boy Scouts. Caring for the Memorial and talking to the National Mall and Memorial Parks Ranger is a hand-son experience that teaches citizenship.

To see the September issue of Powhatan Press, including the full story and photos, click here.

Tubing Trip is a Raft of Fun (by Cameron Dresdner)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 10:55 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

Troop 1018 had a novel excursion (at least for my time with the troop) as they went tubing atthe Brunswick Family Campground in Brunswick, Maryland. Everyone had a great amount of fun. The scouts floated down the Potomac, and even discovered an island.
During one unfortunate mishap, Eric’s tube capsized in the water. Back at the campsite, the scouts were able to enjoy wi-fi and electricity despite the troop’s “No Electronics”rule. Max and Tommy cooked great meals for everyone during the campout. For breakfast, the scouts ate sausage, doughnuts, and scrambled pancakes made fromscrambled batter. Additionally, they had cold cuts for lunch and chili dogs for dinner.

Max and Tommy receive the Best Chef award while Eric receives the Hydrophilic award.

Camp Highroad Camp Out - April 2015 (by Cameron Dresdner)

posted Aug 23, 2017, 10:47 AM by Webmaster Troop1018

As always, Camp Highroad was one of our best camp outs of the year. Our troop had a great time. The younger scouts participated in the Low Ropes course while the older scouts visited the High Ropes course.
  They rode the zip line and participated in pole climbing. They also rode the pendulum, a long rope attached to a harness that sends the rider swinging back and forth.
  A cricket game was held in which one team was crushed by the other. The losing team consisted of Mr. White, Hans, Daniel, Brady, and Mr. Pungello. Each patrol participated in a campfire competition. The Platypi achieved the Biggest Blaze award, the Lumberjacks received the Innovative Approach award, the Omegas received the Eco-Friendly award, and the Vampyro Dragons obtained the Optimist award.

The Omegas' Fire
  The Vampyro Dragons' Fire
The Platypis' Fire
The Lumberjack's Fire

Congratulations to all for your strong efforts in firebuilding!
Finally, the Platypi patrol has asked me to point out that they need to remind Mark to bring milk the next time they have cereal.

Shenandoah River State Park Winter Campout - Feb 2015 (by Cameron Dresdner)

posted Oct 12, 2009, 5:35 PM by Webmaster Troop1018

Elizabeth Furnace is closed this winter because of construction, but that didn't stop Troop 1018 from camping with at least 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground. All of the scouts had a great time winter camping at Shenandoah River State Park.
  Even though there were many complaints about the freezing cold weather, we had a large, sustaining fire to keep us warm throughout the weekend. Because we were not supplied with logs, each scout worked to find wood and logs for the fire. We would never have attained the amount of wood we did without Hans repeatedly saying, “Five more!”
  In addition to keeping warm, numerous scouts received awards. Eric earned the Charred Socks Award for trying to warm his feet too close to the fire.
  While Hans and Zach worked as great defenders during the annual Troop 1018 football game, the tree by far earns the Best Defender Award. It blocked a few of Mr. White's punts, and knocked over some defensive ends. The football game ended in a tie, with each side scoring six points.
Cooking was great on the campout. The canned ravioli was awesome! From what I saw, Mr. Elmer, cooked an incredible salmon for the adults. He timed it perfectly in the hot coals of the campfire.

All in all, the campout at Shenandoah River State Park was great. The scouts learned several valuable lessons about winter camping, including wearing warmer clothes as well as keeping your socks away from the fire.

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