Camp Highroad Camp Out - April 2015 (by Cameron Dresdner)

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 5:47:15 PM

As always, Camp Highroad was one of our best camp outs of the year. Our troop had a great time. The younger scouts participated in the Low Ropes course while the older scouts visited the High Ropes course.

They rode the zip line and participated in pole climbing. They also rode the pendulum, a long rope attached to a harness that sends the rider swinging back and forth.

A cricket game was held in which one team was crushed by the other. The losing team consisted of Mr. White, Hans, Daniel, Brady, and Mr. Pungello. Each patrol participated in a campfire competition. The Platypi achieved the Biggest Blaze award, the Lumberjacks received the Innovative Approach award, the Omegas received the Eco-Friendly award, and the Vampyro Dragons obtained the Optimist award.

The Omegas' Fire

The Vampyro Dragons' Fire

The Platypis' Fire

The Lumberjack's Fire

Congratulations to all for your strong efforts in firebuilding!


Finally, the Platypi patrol has asked me to point out that they need to remind Mark to bring milk the next time they have cereal.