Let’s See Whose Dish is on the Chopping Block - November 2015 (by Cameron Dresdner)

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 6:5:21 PM

Troop 1018 enjoyed another successful camp out at Dennis Farm with their second Chopped competition.  And how could they not with Stephen “Ted Allen” Pungello at the controls?  This year Steven outdid himself with his basket ingredients and pantry preparation and overall execution of the event.

Breakfast basket ingredients included hard-boiled eggs, bagels and instant mashed potatoes and a bonus ingredient, maple syrup.  We saw deviled eggs, ham and egg bagel sandwiches and more.

The Pack 157 Senior Webelos delivered an amazing performance preparing macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.  Pitted against Daniel Mazur and Max Ryan, they won a stand in version of the coveted Golden Spatula.  The cub scouts had a great time!

The whipped cream round was a great idea by Stephen with the Platypi winning after having the good fortune to select a shaker cup.

The dinner round went with a Scouting for Food theme and consisted of all canned foods in the basket.  And speaking of Scouting for Food, the troop managed to slip out and do the food pickup.

The Lumberjacks took an early lead in the breakfast round and never relinquished it.  It was a close competition between them and the Platypi, but the Lumberjacks emerged victorious.  Congratulations to them.  Looks like we have a rivalry going on between these two patrols.

Our Chopped judges, Mr. Hollender, Mr. Donnel, Mr. Pungello and Mr. White are brave men indeed!