Summer Camp Resica Falls (by Jack Edgemond)

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 6:46:5 PM

We have made it to hump day and we haven't lost a kid yet, although ushering the first years has been quite an experience for some of our new scout parents.  The Dan Beard scouts are doing great.

Yesterday we had 5 of the 18 contestants in the Big Kahuna challenge where they had to race up to the lake, kayak, run to the archery range and shoot arrows.  While the announcement of the official winner is set for Friday, I have on good authority that I am the undisputed BIG KAHUNA.

Our scouts noticed a fellow scout from a neighboring camp site sitting alone and crying.  They went to console him and found out he was homesick.  So they talked to him and cheered him up.  We were all very proud of our scouts.

On Tuesday, Sean led the charge to get Troop 1018 points in the boardwalk games with Willem spearheading the pool games.

Polar Bear Smackdown is one of the biggest highlights and ongoing battles with no clear victor as of yet.  If you don't know what this is, you never will.  It is way too much fun and too difficult to put into words.

Along with, Mr. Dresdner, we cooked an awesome pineapple upside down cake and entered it into the Dutch Oven cooking competition.  Results to be announced Friday, but the dessert was excellent.

Any down time has been spent in the trading post getting sugared up on slush puppies.  They just got a Dip'n Dots vending machine, so the slush puppies will have some competition.

Mrs. Zeina is the hero among the adults.  She brought the most awesome propane coffee pot we've ever seen. Along those lines, several adults earned the Coffee Merit Badge.

Funniest line heard at camp was from Willem:  "Sean (SPL) said I have latrine duty for waking him up."  (It was the middle of the day).