Fall Camporee 2018 (by Sean Dresdner)

Post date: Oct 16, 2018 11:58:20 PM

Although the camp out was very muddy, we were lucky that after two weeks of continuous rain, it finally stopped on the day of our camp out. All the events went as planned. We woke up early on Saturday to take place in the flag ceremony and the Amazing Race.

The race was very exciting. The patrols worked together to earn a big trophy in their honor. Many different stations representing countries had different activities for us in which to participate. Each country had a different game to play and we tried to get "miles" (which were like points) for our score.

The air show was exciting. The pilots displayed great acrobatic skills.

If you missed the air show and would like to see it, you can get their schedule here.

Another great thing was that most of us earned a merit badge. There were many different merit badges to earn. The merit badges went on for quite awhile, but it was worth it in the end.

Later in the evening, the cub scouts came by our camp site to check out the troops. The dutch oven dishes were amazing. Liam, Nick and Mr. Dresdner their own dutch oven desserts for the troop. We also gave some to the cub scouts to try to convince them.

We finished the day with a campfire for all the troops there. They announced the winner of the amazing race which, sadly was not us and we enjoyed the skits and songs by other troops. Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to finish up. We did a police line and Thorns and Roses and quickly, we were out.